Comparison of Econ background Aug 09 vs. Oct. 08

Another interesting analysis from Rosey:

Let’s compare the economic background last October compared to today:

The unemployment rate was 6.6% then, today it is 9.4%
The level of employment (nonfarm payrolls) was 136.35 million; today it is nearly 4.0% smaller at 131.5 million
The level of nominal GDP was $14.347 trillion; today it is $14.143 trillion
The level of real GDP was $13.149 trillion; today it is $12.892 trillion
The 4-quarter trailing operating EPS was $49.50; today it is $39.90.
The 4-quarter trailing reported EPS was $14.90; today it is $7.90.
The dividend yield was 2.9%; today it is 2.3%
The P/E ratio (operating earnings) was 19.6x; today it is 25.2x
The “real” yield (5-year TIP), which is a bond proxy for “real” growth expectations was 3.0% back in October; today it is 1.7%
Industrial production was 106.2 (index); today it is 10% smaller, at 96.0
Industry wide capacity utilization rates were 75.4% then; they are 68.5% today
Manufacturing inventory-to-shipments ratio was 1.33 back then; now it is at 1.42
Housing starts were 763k (annualized) units; today even with the recovery they are 581k (24% smaller)
Commercial construction was $729 billion then, it is $712 billion today
Oil prices were $71/bbl then, about where they are today
The “real” yield on the Baa corporate yield was 5.2%; today it is 8.6%
Bank credit was $9.5 trillion back in October; it is $9.2 trillion today
The federal deficit was running at a $550 billion 12-month run-rate; today it is $1.3 trillion
Corporate spreads were 450bps back then; they are 300bps today (this, along with ISM, home sales and consumer confidence polls, are better, and that’s about it).


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