11 Potential Strategies for CVC After iShares Acquisition

1. Follow New Jersey – just raise tolls (fees)

2. Convince the plunge protection team buying IVV would be more effective than futures.

3. Create a brokerage platform that trades all iShares for free.

4. Create an inexpensive 401k platform using only iShares.

5. Sell the syndicated debt and buy it back when it trades for 70 cents on the dollar.

6. Issue an IPO. Cut fees to 0. Wait for stock to plunge. Take private. See step 1.

7. Create a strategy replication for every outstanding mutual fund.

8. Barclays sells its participation interest (entitlement to future value creation) to Goldman Sachs (GS).

9. CVC times the longest bear market rally in history, sells to Cerberus for 2x at market’s 14-year peak on a forward basis in 4 months. Buys it back 6 months later for .25x.

10. Convert ETFs to ETNs. Use the equity to post collateral, leverage the ETN 30:1. Barclays Capital provides the leverage.

11. Convert all ETFs to closed-end funds and leverage the assets. Wait for them to trade at discounts, buy back shares and open-end. Repeat step 1.


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